Saturday, October 13, 2012

The man who finally defeated Hunger

He has had a longstanding relationship with hunger. Much as he hated it, hunger never missed an opportunity to torment him. As a child, he had to sleep hungry on many nights. Even while doing MBA he worked at a tea shop, because it offered the opportunity of a free breakfast. He could not afford to pay for the lunch and sold caps outside the masjid to pay for his education.
Deep inside, he promised to first and foremost fight hunger. Today he has enough to make his own family and 50 odd people who work for him and their dependent's comfortable and hunger free. That is besides providing prosperity and a reason to smile in the lives of 100s of franchise partners, vendors and associates indirectly linked with his business.
E-merchant is already one of the top six digital marketing companies and among top 30 SEO companies nominated by an independent authority on Search vendors in India.
Technology has not proved to be a great enabler but has also given him the means to do business worldwide. "Today you don't need deep pockets and a big establishment - but even small men and small companies can compete globally", he says. They don't call him an E-merchant, just like that. With his small hands but big dreams he is making a big impact in the digital world.