Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Man from Begusarai who conquered Hyderabad

Son of a pharmacist (compounder) from Beghusarai in Bihar, he came from a humble family background. But even though he had virtually zero bank balance to speak of he never offered that as an excuse for not being able to do things.
What he did not have in his pockets he had in his brains and that made all the difference.
After completing class 12th in Begusarai he moved to Aligarh Muslim University which in a way cemented the roots of Islamic culture inside him.
In 1995 he moved to Delhi for doing MBA but being from a poor family he had to do odd jobs like working in a tea stall where the owner gave him free breakfast. He still could not afford the lunch so he stayed hungry and on Fridays sold caps outside the masjid to pay for his education. Scarcities are fact of life - either you live with it or challenge it. Those you dare to challenge are the one who can dream big and live better.
After a course in web designing he joined an Export house where for the first time he used his skills to procure international orders. This was the starting point. His next two jobs saw him working for a travel and tourism and IT Company. Both had elements of digital marketing-something he loved doing.
So with small savings in his pocket and big dreams in his eyes he moved to Hyderabad and set up E-merchant with a small capital investment. As they say fortune favours the brave... luck favoured him and the business kept growing.
As a result despite the overall recession in the IT industry - though the business volume took a dip, his profitability never declined.
Today e-merchant caters to some 1500-2000 clients worldwide and manages 100-150 websites every month.
He lives with his wife Abida and two daughters Mariam (8) and Khadija (6).
He attributes his success to his elders blessings and his wife's sacrifice, "She always stood by me. There were nights when I was working on the computer instead of sleeping at home with her and the children, but she never complained".

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