Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Why daily firing is an India-Pakistan practice match at the LoC?

Firing is such a routine on the LoC that if it does not happen for a few days or hours, you start feeling something is wrong. This random firing has many benefits. Besides inviting the enemy soldier cooped up in a similar 2×2 bunker – on the other side of LoC- 30 meters away — to come and play, at the end of it—the soldiers can warm their hands on the red-hot barrel of their guns. It is all a time-pass that kills boredom

By Neeraj Mahajan
Soldier’s posted on the LoC are fighting two enemies at the same time. The one that they can see and fire at– in front of them and the more lethal, hidden enemy in their mind- boredom.
In such godforsaken places where it is difficult even to find a crow flying, boredom is a bigger danger than imminent death. Danger is something that one comes across in so many shapes and sizes, so frequently that it does not scare anymore…
Life at the Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir can be dangerous and boring at the same time.
There are no roads; no traffic disturbances here at the same time no people. Everything is just the same, the same old faces you get to see are of the men in your platoon or battalion.