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Shocking -- Why Electricity Should Be Handled Safely!!

The Greatest & Most Painful Cause of Death

Electricity is fun… Electricity provides … heat, light and security … it is greatest blessing but still that is no reason to take electricity for granted-- lightly. Accidents don’t ask before happening. Live wires & short circuits don’t differentiate between rich and poor!! Anyone who makes a contact – young or old, man or woman, powerful or not – has to pay a price !
  • Electrocution - the fifth leading cause of death
  • Almost 12 people die due to electrocution everyday. 
  • Mishaps with Cooking equipment, heating equipment, home electrical distribution and lighting systems some of the leading causes of home fires
  • Electricity accounts for 42 % of total fires and most number of deaths in factories and workplaces
  • 25% of all fires occur due to job related electrical accidents per year
  •  Accidental injury kills more than 2,000 children each day worldwide.
  • More than 30,000 non-fatal shock accidents occur each year.
  • According to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 70 % of child-related electrical accidents occur at home, when adult supervision is present.
  • Every year more than 100,000 people are hospitalized in emergency rooms due to electrical shock or burn injuries caused by careless handling in U.S
  • When more than 50 percent of electrical fires that occur every year – worldwide – could have been prevented – it is important that people understand what’s safe, what’s unsafe
For heaven sake – play & use it safe!!
Death hug: A carelessly laid high voltage main power cable hugging the iron grill at Classic Residency, Raj Nagar Extension, NH-58, Ghaziabad. The PVVNL, UPPCL and all possible authorities concerned with Electrical Distribution, supply & public safety have been warned. But no one has reacted so far.

This is a serious- public safety issue!! 
 Ignore it at your own risk and cost!!

Anand Morla- filmmaker  and father of this 3 year old child who died of electrocution outside a Jewellery shop in south Delhi last week. Photo: courtesy IndiaToday
Anand Bhaskar Morla, 32, a filmmaker died of electrocution outside a jewellery shop in south Delhi a last week. Morla, a resident of Saket, parked his car and went to the Bank of India ATM while his grandmother, wife and three-year-old son waited in the car. On the way back he opened the car door which brushed the Iron Gate in contact with the live wire of a split air conditioning machine of the jewellery shop. He immediately fell down and was rushed to Safdarjung Hospital where doctors declared him dead.  The owners of the shop at Green Park Kamlesh Bansal and his son Druv Dhawan Bansal were arrested for negligence leading to the death of 32-year-old Anand Bhaskar Morla, in south Delhi. Delhi Police registered a case under Section 304 A of Indian Penal Code -- causing death by negligence.
Puran Singh 36 a Delhi Police Constable who had gone to attend the call of nature came in contact with a naked electric wire and fell unconscious. He was declared brought dead to AIIMS. The postmortem report confirmed the cause of death as ante-mortem injury in the form an "electric entry wound (laceration type). He left behind his widow and four minor children aged 12, 6, 4 and one and half years. He was drawing a salary of Rs. 5,900/- per month. The family is in dire straits. It is claimed that the death occurred due to the negligence of the DVB which was responsible for the safety and upkeep of the electric cables in the area.

Peter Yunus died due to electrocution leaving behind behind his wife and five children aged 21, 18, 16, 13 and 11 years when an electric wire fell over his head in front of his house at Kichiripur, Delhi. The postmortem report confirmed death due to electrocution. It is claimed that the death was caused on account of the negligence of the DVB as it had failed to perform its obligation to maintain the electric wires

Mukesh had taken power supply to his LI point. A few of his villagers had illegally taken power supply from this line by using a hook from the LI point to their houses by means of an uninsulated GI pipe. The unauthorized line got disconnected and fell on the ground.

A bullock came in contact with a tattering live GI wire and got electrocuted. On hearing the animals cries, the owner’s wife came tried to his save the animal. While trying to rescue her, her father got electrocuted. A writ petition under Article 226 of the Constitution claiming compensation was filed.  The South West District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum held the discom liable to pay the amount for not completely replacing the old and weak power line despite complaints by the residents of the area.

Dharampal a DTC bus driver was allotted government accommodation house number E-78, DTC Colony, Shadipur, New Delhi where he was living with his wife, and four children. The residents of the colony used to dry their clothes on roofs/terraces of the houses. On 19th July, 1999 at about 10.45 AM, his wife, Bimla, went to the terrace to dry her clothes on an iron wire which was tied to sewer pipes on the terrace floor. The iron wire had current in it as a result she was electrocuted and died on account of negligence.

Manoj L Patil, a vice-president in Sundaram Auto Components, Hosur, and his friend, Phalgun V S, were walking on Church Street in the evening, when the former stepped on to a water puddle.  In order to balance himself Manoj held on to the grille surrounding an adjacent Bescom distribution box and collapsed there itself. He declared brought dead in the hospital.

Rajiv Sharda, 25, died of electrocution on accidentally touching an electric pole in west Delhi's Mahavir Enclave. According to media reports, Sharda and a friend were walking to a nearby market around 1.30 p.m. on a waterlogged street when the tragic incident happened. A live wire had fallen in the water and the duo received a shock when they came in contact with the water. Trying to get out of the water, Sharda lost his balance and tried to grab a nearby electric pole which was charged and got electrocuted. He was taken to the nearby Bhagat Chandra Hospital where doctors declared him dead. Taking suo motu cognizance of the media report National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has issued notices to Delhi chief secretary as well as a power company following the death of a youth due to electrocution.

Deedar Singh (57), a resident of Jastna Khurd village near Lalru and another lineman Jasbir Singh, lost their lives by getting an electric shock while working on an electricity pole near Chaudheri village in Lalru.  The two linemen were sent to conduct the repair work at Chaudheri village. The electricity supply to the line had been discontinued for repair and their fuse uninstalled, but due to heavy storms and rain during the day, the fuse got connected and current passed through the line due to which Deedar Singh sustained the shock

Gnyaneshwar Mahe and his 30-year-old wife Sharda got electrocuted were excavating the earth to construct a well at the residence of one Shyamrao Dabhelkar when the incident took place. Gnyaneshwar who was busy digging, asked his wife to throw out the accumulating water. This is when Sharda came in contact with an electric switch board of the motor pump. She collapsed there and then and was rushed to a private hospital where she was declared Police It seems Sharda had touched the switch board with wet hands. 

Neeraj Garg, owner of Nivedita Chemicals a Noida-based water-proofing company, went to inspect the swimming pool of Archohm, an architectural firm. He lost his balance and fell into a swimming pool which had a high-voltage current flowing through a live wire.    

Electrical faults are the major cause reason behind almost 56 per cent of domestic and industrial disasters.  According to National Crime Records Bureau eight per cent of the deaths in industries are of electrical origin. According to the Fire and Security Association of India (FSAI) -- Overheating, ageing material and use of sub-standard quality of electrical gadgets is responsible for an abnormal increase in electrical fire accidents over the years.

One of the main problems is that there are hardly any certified line men abreast with knowledge about the nature of fire accidents and handling electrical fire.  Mishandling of electricity is the surest way to invite disasters.

Moral of the Story: Electricity is a time and life saver but can lead to a painful burn injuries and sure death.

A property and nature of electricity to reach the ground even if it means going through a person...

Anyone who stands in its path is bound to pay a price!!

Oh God, Let it not be someone we love and care about!!

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