Sunday, August 5, 2012

Prominent Sikh Flag Bearers

Sikhs are riding the tide of success not just in India but in the other parts of the world. Here is a list of Sikhs who have scripted their own success story.

32-year-old Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi of village Raipur in Jalandhar is the youngest Sikh mayor in UK. Married to a relative of legendary hero Bhagat Singh Manveen Kaur Sandhu the daughter of Jatinder Singh Kariha, a MLA in Punjab, India, Tanmanjeet has a two year old son called Jugaad.

Nikki Haley--Nimrata Kaur Randhawa, is the first Sikh-American to be elected governor in the US. She is also the first woman to serve as Governor of South Carolina, and the second Indian-American governor in the country. Aged 40, Haley is the youngest current governor in the US

Simranpreet Lamba has broken a 30 year old record by becoming the first Sikh to be an enlisted soldier in US Army. Born in Delhi, Lamba was permitted to keep his beard, hair and turban. The U.S. Army has had policies in place since 1984 which required soldiers' heads to be shaved and facial hair is not allowed. Policies like these have deterred Sikhs from enlisting since 1984. Though two Sikhs -- Capt. (Dr.) Tejdeep Singh Rattan, (dentist), and Capt. (Dr.) Kamaljeet Singh Kalsi, (doctor) joined the US Army as officers, no Sikh has served in enlisted ranks in decades.

Justice Rabinder Singh, 47, is an English High Court judge of the Queen's Bench Division. He was sworn in as the first Sikh judge of the British High Court at the Royal Courts of Justice. He is only the second lawyer from an ethnic minority background to be promoted to the senior level of the judiciary. He made a name as one of Britain’s most prominent human rights lawyers in the last 22 years as a barrister.

2nd Lieut. Jasbir Singh Tatla, 35, from Ludhiana is the first member of the Canadian Air Force to wear a turban. Born in Dhothar village in Ludhiana, Tatla is the first turbaned Sikh to have become a regular officer in the Canadian Air Force as Air Field Engineer.

Sgt. Uday Singh from Chandigarh was the first U.S. Army soldier of Indian origin to die during Operation Iraqi Freedom. As the first ever Indian to die in a US Army operation, he was awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star.

Wing Commander Kartar Singh Taunque, was the first member of Indian Air Force to win a gallantry award for operations in Waziristan during World War II.

Brigadier General Ravider Singh, is the first Sikh to be appointed Singapore Army chief in 30 years. Gen Singh is the first non-Chinese Chief of Army. Earlier Colonel Mancharan Singh Gill was the first ever Indian to grace the post of Army Chief in Singapore.

A contingent of 21 Sikh soldiers led by Hav. Ishar Singh died fighting but did not surrender. In recognition for their supreme sacrifice, the British Parliament awarded each one of them with the Indian Order of Merit -- the highest Gallantry award for the Indian soldiers 

Left-arm spinner, Monty Panesar—a Sikh cricketer currently plays for Sussex. Born in Luton, he is the first Sikh to represent a nation other than India in Test cricket. He wears a black patka while playing and training. He is a crowd favourite in England, and many fans have worn patkas and fake beards while watching him play.

Deh Shiva Var Mohe Ahe, Shubh Karman Tey Kabhoo Na Taron, Na Daroon Aur Sauh Jab Jaaye Laroon, Nishchay Kar Apni Jeet Karoon, Aur Sikh Hon Apne Hi Mann Ko, Eh Lalach Hau Gunn Tau Ucharoo, Jab Aav Ki Aundh Nidhan Bane, Att Hi Rann Mein Tab Joojh Maroon

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